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Applications for summer seed are now available online and in Mountaintop’s main office. If you are interested in learning more about our summer programming, please browse the camps page of our website or call us in the office at (434) 979-8886.

little seedlittle seed (age 3 - rising K) is a feast for all of your young child’s senses. Campers see the vivid colors of produce ripening in the garden and discover new fragrances while picking fresh fruits, veggies and herbs and preparing them for the table. They enjoy the special flavors of food cooked with friends. Campers learn to listen carefully for the sounds of the birds and insects. They have fun getting their hands dirty and finding out whether the soil is cool and damp or hot and dry. In their own specially prepared classroom and around campus, little seed campers will explore topics in zoology, botany, art and geography. Garden work and getting to know the animals will happen at your young explorer’s pace. Counselors offer the gentle guidance that comes from years of experience being with young children in the outdoors. We’ll keep it simple so your little seed camper can make big discoveries in the wide world of the garden.


Join us on the Mountaintop for gardening, harvesting and cooking fresh food, hiking, crafts, music, art, outdoor games, local stream exploration, and weekly field trips to nearby natural areas and farms. Explorations and learning are unified by the interrelated themes of food, health, environment and culture. Everything in the garden from the chickens to the plants and right down to the soil responds to the sun. For seed campers (rising grades 1 - 6), the sun’s daily travels provide a rhythm for varied adventures: chicken care, meals prepared from the garden’s latest gifts, investigating signs left by garden critters, or seeking the coolest wading spot.

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In Ecology, students welcome the return of Spring on the mountain.

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Cooking in the Children’s House with Alma

children's house food

We learn so much about the world through what we eat and how we prepare it. When we talk about food, it reveals itself for what it is: a web of relationships among a great many living beings, some of them human, some not, but interdependent upon each other.

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