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Your donations to the Mountaintop Annual Fund help to fill the $1,500 gap per student between tuition revenue and operating expenses at the school. Donations to the Annual Fund are used for a number of important initiatives that contribute to a high-quality Montessori education. Gifts are used to provide our excellent staff with professional development opportunities and ultimately help us retain these exceptional educators. The Annual Fund enhances our ability to supply our classrooms with high-quality Montessori materials, and to maintain our gardens and grounds. These donations enhance our ability to provide financial aid, among many other critical operating expenses at the school. A robust annual fund campaign sends a strong signal that we all value our school’s mission.

At Mountaintop, every child is valued and celebrated. When you make Mountaintop your philanthropic priority you are investing in a better future for our children and the many lives that they will touch in the future. Please join me in making a tax-deductible contribution to this important fundraising effort, the Mountaintop Annual Fund.

Workplace Giving Opportunities CVC:

We are #3954 in the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) for state employees

United Way:

We can also be found among Charlottesville, Virginia charities on United Way workplace giving sites. If you don't see us under Mountaintop, look for us under Montessori Community School or enter Mountaintop with the write-in option.

Employer Matching:

Many employers make it easy for their employees to request support for their favorite charities with matching of employees' donations. Check with HR in your workplace. Ready to donate to Mountaintop's Annual Fund?

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Cards and envelopes are available in the office for donations made by check or cash and for pledges to give later this school year. Or you can make a credit card donation with the link below, at any time.

Thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of the volunteers who have conducted our annual fund for the past several years, the fund has been successful in raising needed funds and achieving high levels of participation from: trustees, staff, parents, grandparents, employers of parents, grandparents, trustees, etc., alumni parents, current students, alumni, and friends of the school. Participation by our trustees and staff members has been 100% for several years in a row. By participating in the annual fund at the level of your choice, you can foster the culture of giving that we all value so much at Mountaintop. Thank you for your support. In 2012-13, 89% of parents at Mountaintop gave! Annual fund donations are – unlike tuition – tax-deductible. Families who have the means to share significantly more than tuition are able to do so to their benefit, and families that are unable to contribute significantly more than tuition are not unduly burdened by tuition increases. Donations to the annual fund go into the operating budget for the current school year helping to fund guides' salaries, materials for classrooms, financial aid for students, and so on. By participating in the annual fund at the level of your choice, you can foster the culture of giving that we all value so much at Mountaintop. Thank you for your support.

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