Children’s House

Up through age six children are soaking in everything around them, constructing an understanding of the world through their senses. During this phase children develop all the essential skills necessary for survival: to eat, to move and to communicate. We have four Children’s House classrooms at Mountaintop in which preschool and kindergarten aged children (age 32 months through 6 years) develop emotional, social, physical and academic skills. While learning to function independently in the physical environment, students also learn to coexist in a peaceful community. Our curriculum includes materials for:

  • Practical Life - Skills of Daily Living
  • Education of the Senses - Exploring the World
  • Language - From Spoken to Written
  • Mathematics - From Concrete to Abstract
  • Culture - Appreciation for the World

At this age children love to repeat activities that are interesting to them. They are driven to refine skills they need to meet their needs independently. Students begin their Children's House years with a strong desire to create order that leads them to invest their time in practical life and sensorial activities. This work is satisfying in its own right but is also laying important foundations for language and math. While enjoying the time they spend with beautifully designed and crafted materials, the youngest students develop remarkable concentration, fine motor skills and rich vocabulary.

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