VI. Assessment Children’s House Language Sequence: writing and reading explosion Age and Lessons 2.5 to 3 Spoken language: Greetings Conversations True stories Question game Classified pictures and books Read aloud (nonfiction, reality, poetry) Songs Naming lessons Vocabulary training Grace & Courtesy for handling books 3–4 Objects of the environment Qualities of sensorial materials Nomenclature for biology, geography, science Sound games for phonemic awareness – beginning, middle and ending sounds Rhyming - oral Sandpaper letters for alphabet awareness Large moveable alphabet awareness Chalk and chalkboards for writing practice Metal insets for pencil grip Moveable alphabet with objects Phonetic objects w/labels Phonetic cards Rhyming words – written Phonetic commands Simple notes from guide 4–5 Writing with pencil and paper Writing notes Reading notes Syllables Function of words (parts of speech) Continuation of sandpaper letters in small groups w/games – including blended sounds Phonogram object boxes Phonograms with small moveable alphabets Puzzle words Language extensions with sensorial materials Classified reading cards Function of words (parts of speech) 5 – 6+ Personal spelling dictionary Metal inset design Spelling Alphabetical order Uppercase Endmarks Outcome Enrichment of vocabulary Pre-reading content acquisition Confidence building Skill building Disposition training (to love the language in spoken and written form) Books in Library Area Early picture books depicting beautiful, simple, reality-based content Read aloud literature telling reality-based stories, poetry Continuation of all above Pre-reading skills – phonemic awareness Writing preparation and explosion Phonetic reading Books in Library Area Phonetic books that are not part of a graded ‘phonics’ series Reality-based Never used to teach reading Children never made to read out loud Beautiful and look like real literature (Miss Rhonda’s Readers) Phonetic/Phonogram Reader Series Not displayed in classroom Offered as a choice when a child needs extra practice Continuation of all above Further work in writing and reading Impression of grammar Books in Library Literature and books for young readers that are beautiful and reality-based Continuation of all above Writing and reading fluency Impression of sentence structure 104