Montessori Learning Outcomes As students progress through the learning continuum they move from acquiring awareness to being compelled to action; and from a focus on self to a focus on community and world citizenship. Independence Choosing work and completing work cycles Expressing needs and caring for oneself Maintaining attention and concentration Setting and attaining internal and external goals Making appropriate choices Intrinsic Motivation Striving for personal best Inner desire to learn, progress and master concepts Not reliant on external rewards or consequences Love of Learning Engaging in purposeful learning activities Joyful interest in work and new learning Willingness to share knowledge and teach others Academic Preparation Mastery of level appropriate content knowledge Developing critical thinking and reasoning skills Achieving level appropriate outcomes Ability to express creatively in the visual and performing arts Social Responsibility Recognizing needs of others Ownership of community agreements Ability to initiate and participate in problem solving and cooperative learning Taking on increasing amounts of responsibility Motivating peers and acting as a role model Spiritual Awareness Sense of self Inner peace and peaceful relationships Listening and having compassion and empathy Ability to be calm Finding joy in silence Experiencing wonder Showing care for the earth Citizen of the World Being respectful in and out of the classroom Ownership of environments beyond the school Local and community awareness Global awareness and feeling a connection to others in the world Understanding one’s place in society and that one’s actions affect others Knowing that each person’s contributions matter Confidence and Competence Belief in oneself Adept in practical application of skills Secure in own ability to communicate and relate to others Respectfully voicing opinions Willing to take risks and make mistakes Freedom within Limits Using time wisely Balancing work and areas of learning Making safe and responsible choices Respect for Authority Understanding that one is a member of a larger community Respectful attitude toward adults and peers in leadership roles 107