Student Needs Assessment Program: Policy on Student Progress Mountaintop is committed to providing an excellent learning environment for all students. The success of our program relies on a collaborative approach among parents, teachers, specialists and administration. If a child does not progress academically, socially or emotionally or is unable to find success in the Montessori learning environment, the following steps are followed. When guides observe areas of need in a student, they will: • • • • Clearly discuss their observations with parents at a conference Develop an initial plan at the conference to address the student’s needs within the framework of the classroom. The plan may also include recommendations for action at home. Provide a written summary of the conference and a copy of the initial plan to parents and Head of School for signatures. Track through written records keeping the development or resolution of the situation. If the steps outlined in the initial plan do not improve the student’s learning experience, the school will: • • Schedule a second conference with the parents, guides and Head of School. Documentation of school observations of learning or behavior differences will be presented. At this time, the school may request that the parents arrange outside testing, evaluation or counseling. Mountaintop works with Albemarle County Public School as well as a Montessori trained tutor and an educational psychologist. Outside services could include, but are not limited to: occupational therapy evaluation, behavior assessment, hearing or vision testing, speech evaluation or academic evaluation. A visit by an evaluating professional to observe the child in a school setting may also be indicated. Parents are responsible for the costs of outside services. Upon receipt of the results of outside testing or evaluation, an Education Agreement will be developed by the guides and the outside evaluators, appropriate, for addressing the student’s individual needs. Parents must sign the Education Agreement. If ongoing services are required by the student’s Education Agreement, the parents must provide such and the services must be ongoing until both MCS and the parents assess the child’s progress as satisfactory and the consulting professional recommends the termination of such services. Follow-up conferences with the parents will be arranged as needed to assess progress or implement changes to the Education Agreement. • • • The Head of School, in conjunction with the guides, will determine if continued enrollment in a Montessori learning environment is in the best interests of the child, the other students and MCS. If, in the opinion of the school, the measures taken do not result in a satisfactory situation for the child and his class or if the parents cannot cooperate with the provisions of the Education Plan, MCS may withhold reenrollment for the child. Cases in which the school may be unable to adequately support a child’s progress include: • • • Mountaintop is not able to provide resources to assure sufficient academic or social progress. Mountaintop determines that the guides are not able to provide for the child’s needs while maintaining attention on the remainder of the students. The child’s family cannot provide support to the child and teachers as indicated in the Education Agreement. 112