Student Needs Assessment: Description of Forms A full set of blank forms should he in the notebook when the process begins. As the process moves forward, the forms will he removed, completed, and returned to the notebook so that all information is at the teacher's fingertips when planning the next step. 1. Progress Record: Behavioral/Developmental This is the action summary sheet used to keep track of progress for behavior and developmental issues. It is kept in the front of the SNAP Notebook and is updated by the teacher whenever a new step is taken and at resolution. 2. Progress Record: Attendance This action summary sheet is used to keep track of progress when the issue is mainly one of attendance. It varies slightly from the Behavior I Developmental progress record It is kept in the front of the SNAP Notebook, updated as the process moves forward. 3. In-School Student Assessment (two-sided) This form is used by the teacher for recording observations of behavior and classroom work habits. A second copy is used later by the Administrator for observation notes as well, and then the two are brought together to aid in discussion as the in-school plan is formulated. In the case of attendance issues, a second form is not required to be filled out by the Administrator. 4. Individual Action Plan This form, which is drawn up by staff prior to the first conference with parents, is used to record the specifics of the school's initial plan. 5. Education Agreement (2 versions: Behavioral/Developmental & Attendance) This form is used when the school's Individual Action Plan did not achieve success for the student and/or the school. This Education Agreement is drawn up by the teachers and reviewed by the Administrator before a meeting with the parents. The school's offer of a re-enrollment contract or a recommendation for matriculation may he tied to compliance with the agreement. 6. Year-End Summary This form "reports out" on the services received, pending, or declined (by the parent), and offers a place for the teacher to summarize the end result of the process for the student's record This form also gathers data for the school office on the demographics of students receiving attention for special needs. This data can he entered in a simple database for future analysis. 113