Teacher's Guide: Behavioral/Developmental The following steps should be taken to gain the services needed for a student when the issue is one of behavioral or developmental difference. ยท 1. Clarify the Issue Observe: For a period of time, observe the student's behavior, interactions with others, responses to teachers, physical movements, interactions with classroom work, playground behaviors, etc.-anything of interest. Remember to take note of positive things as well as those that concern you. Complete an InSchool Student Assessment to summarize your observations. Review it with your assistant or co-worker if possible. Research: Read all records that are in the student's office file that may inform you. Go back over your class notes as well. Record: Fill out the information at the top of the Progress Record Sheet. Write a brief summary of the problem. File this summary, the In-School Student Assessment, and all of your notes in the SNAP notebook. 2. Get a Second Opinion Ask the Administrator to observe. Give her the second (blank) copy of the In-School Student Assessment with your request. The Administrator should observe within two weeks, complete the form, and return it to you. 3. Hold a School Meeting within one week of the Administrator's observation. At this important planning meeting, members of your teaching team and the Administrator meet to compare notes, discuss appropriate language to use with parents, and draft a course of action. If no action is needed, file all forms and notes in the student file in the office. If you determine further action is needed, the members of this school meeting should draft an Individual Action Plan in preparation for the first parent conference (below). The plan may also include recommendations for changes at home and it may specifically name the student's personal responsibilities. A time-frame for observing improvement or proceeding further should be determined at this meeting as well, and recorded on the plan. Return all forms and notes to the SNAP Notebook and keep the notebook in your classroom out of sight. 4. Hold First Parent Conference Call for a parent conference. Do not wait for the scheduled parent teacher conference on the calendar, unless it is within two weeks of the school meeting, above. At this conference, teachers state their initial observations and review the Individual Action Plan with the parents, adjusting it with the parents as 114