Administrator, and then presented to the parents in a conference. It is important that the school identify on this document those provisions which the school is able to offer to the family. For example, the teacher may offer to allow the student an after-school study hall period once a week for work make-up time, a private desk with headphones, a weekly session with a reading specialist, or a more detailed, individualized work-plan than would be offered to other students. The specific provisions will depend on the difficulty and the course of action up to this point. To assure confidentiality, this document should be kept in the student's file in the office, not in the SNAP Notebook. 8. Wrap-Up: Year-End Summary At the end of the school year, or when a satisfactory outcome has been reached, whichever comes first, you should summarize the result for each student for whom you started a SNAP Notebook. The YearEnd Summary allows you to identify all of your recommendations and the level to which they were followed, to identify the enrollment impact of the process and to determine whether the parents and/or you were satisfied with the outcome. The original of this completed form should be filed with the SNAP Notebook papers in the student's file, a copy given to the appropriate office personnel to record the data for future evaluation. This information should be kept confidential at all times. 116