Teacher's Guide: Attendance The following steps should be taken to achieve changes needed when the issue is one of excessive tardiness or absence. 1. Keep a Record Accurately record the number of days the student is absent and tardy during the school year. It is time to start a SNAP Notebook when it becomes apparent that excessive absences are causing you difficulty with lessons or the student is having difficulty with retaining information or making positive social connections. Fill out the information at the top of the Progress Record (Attendance). Write a brief summary of the problem, and begin the checklist, recording the attendance figures and dates on the first line of the checklist. 2. Research Review all past attendance records at your school and previous schools, if available. Note any comments by previous teachers regarding attendance. As much as possible, document the number of missed lessons, gaps in retention, social implications, and the number of make-up lessons you have had to give the student. Observe the student over one or two good sessions and record the behaviors that you believe are of concern and which you feel are a result of the number of absences or late arrivals. Keep your notes in the SNAP Notebook for reference. 3. Give First Warning Send a written request to parents/caregivers to be more prompt at arrival or more consistent with attendance. Make sure this letter is dated. Make a copy for the SNAP Notebook. 4. Keep a Record Again Track the absence/tardy record for the period of time from when the letter was sent to a specific time in the future (one month, to the next conference, etc.). This date will vary depending on the situation, the time of year, or the severity of the problem. Record this information on the Progress Record. 5. Determine Action At the end of the period of time you set (in 4, above), determine a course of action, with the Administrator. If it is determined that absences and tardiness are preventing the school from making adequate progress with the student, an Individual Action Plan will be given to the parents to insure cooperation/improvement (see 6, below). If it is determined to not be critical, file all papers in the student's office file and stop here, although attendance should still be monitored closely and the process begun again if necessary. 117