II. Work & Learning Guide 1 st plane | Toddler & Children’s House | ages 0 to 6 | grades through K TODDLER Overview Mountaintop provides the toddler child with an environment that encourages the discovery of self through facilitating a healthy separation from caregivers and by encouraging activities that foster functional independence. The need for independence at this age is strong and the classroom provides a safe environment where children can practice their burgeoning skills. Children are naturally drawn to the activities that will meet their developmental needs. Characteristics Egocentric Becoming aware of an identity separate from caregivers Strong attachment to caregivers Emotional Impulsive Difficulty with transitions Needs Order and routine The opportunity to make choices Space for movement Contact with nature Safety and sanctuary A nurturing, familiar environment Individual opportunities for development of independence Flexibility in scheduling and planning Enriched spoken language Nutritious and plentiful food and drink Napping and resting opportunities Toddler: Learning Activities Introduction to Life in the Prepared Environment - Individual, Small Group and Whole Class Activities Gross and Fine Motor Skills Eye-Hand Coordination Receptive and Expressive Language Music and Movement Art and Expression Practical Life Exercises – Skills of Daily Living Care of Self: Food Preparation, Toileting Care of the Environment Grace and Courtesy Exercises: Movement in the Environment, Manners Education of the Senses - Beginning to Explore the World 12