Toddler: Outcomes If intelligence is what distinguishes the human species, certainly the most important act of human development would be the creation of intelligence. In the first years each human child creates his or her own unique intelligence. Margaret Stephenson Emotional Development Has close ties to adults Feels secure and safe Feels trust Demonstrates respect Feels capable Displays confidence Social Development Feels like an individual Trusts people in the community Trusts the familiar environment Has functional independence (walk, talk, eat, toilet) Can communicate needs and feelings to others Character Development Has a resilient spirit Internalizing habits of positive social behavior Cognitive Development Acquisition of spoken language Development of memory Learning to think and move deliberately Developing a love for order Can do multi-step activities CHILDREN’S HOUSE Overview Mountaintop provides the Children’s House child with an environment that encourages emotional, social, physical and academic skills to develop. The child interacts with the materials and the environment with interest and focus and learns to coexist in a peaceful community of learners. Areas of learning are organized to form a child-centered learning environment that promotes independence and concentrated periods of uninterrupted, self-initiated activity. 13