Characteristics Tremendous physical growth and change Susceptible to illness and over-tiredness Development of physical coordination and balance Development of sensory perception Has a mind that perceives things in totality and memorizes them without censure – an Absorbent Mind Lives in the present, the here and now Perceives others in relation to his own experiences Explores with the senses Works for its own sake rather than to complete a task Drawn by repetition Interested in language Needs Opportunity to develop physical independence Order in the environment Order in the schedule Opportunity to work alone Nutritious food and resting opportunities External rules and natural consequences Experiences in reality rather than fantasy Children’s House: Learning Activities Practical Life - Skills of Daily Living Organizational Skills Care of Environment Care of Self Grace and Courtesy Conflict Resolution Education of the Senses - Exploring the World Sense of Order Classification Precise Language Language - From Spoken to Written Vocabulary Written expression Reading Grammar Creative Drama Literature Mathematics - From Concrete to Abstract Numerals Quantities Sequencing Operations and Facts Complex Numbers Fractions Culture - Appreciation for the World 14