Geography Time and History Zoology Botany Music Concepts Art Expression Spanish Movement Children’s House: Outcomes The human being builds himself through working, working with his hands, but using the hands as instruments of his ego, the organ of his individual mind and will, which shapes its own existence face to face with its environment. Maria Montessori Emotional Development Takes pleasure in purposeful activity Displays emotional equilibrium Is serene and calm Has a happy outlook Shows concern for living things Has affection for others Is warm and expressive Is optimistic and outgoing Social Development Developing self-discipline Has increased independence based on new-found competence Understands appropriate and specific pro-social behaviors Can delay gratification and share Has respect for others Is willing to abide by rules to maintain social order Character Development Has good work habits Has the ability to choose Is self-disciplined Is not possessive Shows care and respect for the environment and people Cognitive Development Is beginning to clarify and classify information and impressions from the 0 - 3 phase Has an expanding vocabulary Is refining sensory perceptions and discrimination Can think logically and linearly Has acquired fundamental practical skills and academic knowledge Can sustain interest for extended periods Has internalized language (alphabet) and math (numerals) symbol systems and can work concretely in these areas with Montessori materials 15