2 nd plane | Elementary | ages 6 to 12 | grades 1 to 6 Overview The Elementary level offers a continuum built on the Children’s House experience and is called cosmic education. The child’s own questions provide the basis for exploration of the world. Because those questions are heeded and nurtured the child truly connects with learning. Subject matter is made relevant to the child’s personal learning journey providing an inner motivation. An Mountaintop education does not give a child a collection of isolated facts but rather shares a vision of interrelated knowledge and a love of learning. In order to awaken the intellectual imagination in the elementary aged student Mountaintop utilizes a multi-faceted approach. Characteristics Looks beyond the immediate environment to learn Is strong and agile with increased physical stamina Has a reasoning mind that compels the questions why? and how does it relate? to understand the ‘big picture’ Is not interested in external order – messy and disorganized Is an intellectual explorer learning to organize information to create an orderly mind Is developing an imagination that has the capacity to take what is real and create new information and inventions Is capable of great work and is insatiable for knowledge Is passionate about fairness and justice Is inclined to hero worship Can be generous and compassionate, yet rude and unmannerly Oriented to group work and peer relationships Needs To explore nature and the surrounding culture To have adult role models who exemplify appropriate behavior and intellectual curiosity To have the opportunities to work in groups Needs opportunities to demonstrate mental and emotional independence and autonomy Responds to rules that make sense and are valid and fair Rises to intellectual challenge and respect toward his abilities Needs opportunities to debate and establish community norms and practice advanced conflict resolution skills Elementary: Learning Activities Practical Life – Exploring the World Going Out Garden to Table Physical Education Conflict Mediation & Second Level Responsibility Education of the Senses – Reasoning and Classifying Nature Study Nomenclature Experiments Language – The Art of Expression Grammar & Sentence Structure Literature Creative and Expository Writing 16