Elementary: Outcomes Adaptation to the environment and efficient functioning therein is the very essence of a useful education. Maria Montessori Emotional Development Has enthusiasm for life Is excited about the future Has self-respect Appreciates human commonalities and differences Social Development Respects others and their work Shows self-discipline and the ability to delay gratification Can interact sociably with others Recognizes the value of service to others Loves and appreciates fellow humans and humanity Character Development Is developing a personal morality and set of values Has a philosophical mind that explores issues of justice and morality Understands that one’s actions have consequences Cognitive Development Has an eager and open attitude toward learning Can obtain and process information independently Has acquired an academic foundation in the cultural and humanities areas Appreciates creativity and is comfortable with selfexpression Can place knowledge into a larger context Understands higher order cause and effect Can reflect on learning in order to process complex information and abstract ideas Has acquired functional literacy in language and mathematics 18