3 rd plane | Middle School | ages 12 to 15 | grades 7 to 9 Overview The Mountaintop Middle School encourages adolescents to explore their role in the world and to create a vision for their personal futures. Through engagement in meaningful work, the young adult gains selfconfidence and self-knowledge, finds belonging in a community, learns adaptability, demonstrates academic competence, and comes to appreciate intellectual challenge. The curriculum provides the academic foundation for success in secondary education and beyond, while incorporating unique opportunities for experiential learning, entrepreneurship, travel, and service learning. By his entrance into high school, the Mountaintop graduate has experienced ample opportunity to acquire social, moral, intellectual, and emotional intelligence. The Mountaintop Middle School curriculum incorporates the following key components: Characteristics Experiencing physical growth and sexual maturation Can have boundless energy and periods of fatigue Is developing self-awareness and can be self-critical Feels uncertainty and emotional unevenness Develops solidarity with peers and is critical of adults Questions social mores and values Is responsive to social issues Displays moral and ethical sensitivity Desires independence Can be extremely creative Is capable of higher order cognition Is egocentric Needs Lots of purposeful physical activity Time for contemplation and relaxation Healthy, plentiful food Lots of sleep Meaningful work that is respected by the community Opportunities to contribute to community Opportunities to plan activities and make meaningful decisions Chances to make mistakes in a safe environment Reliable and personal relationships with peers and adults Psychological safety Opportunities for creative expression Challenging academic and intellectual work Middle School: Learning Activities Practical Life – Exploring Our Place in the World Garden to Table Personal Care/ Physical Health Physical Education Wellness & Psychological/Spiritual Health Travel Community Service Leadership & Entrepreneurship – Independence & Valorization Internships Business Endeavors 19