Managerial/Committee Positions Budgeting/Spending Allocation Language – The Art of Expression Research Creative & Expository Writing Evaluating & Critiquing Critical Analysis Persuasive Writing/Debate Seminar Oral Presentation Mathematics – Abstraction and Application Data Analysis Visual Representations: Graphs, Tables, & Diagrams Algebra I Geometry Practical Application Geometry – Reasoning & Logic Motions Examining Properties of Lines, Angles, Polygons and Circles Proofs & Deductive Reasoning History & Culture – The Human Story Current Events The Timeline of Humanity Social Awareness & Action Cultural & Geographic Literacy Science & Permaculture – Knowledge and Interdependence Research Stewardship Biology Physical Science Ecology Practical Permaculture Work Technology Word Processing Internet Safety & Propriety Visual Presentation Collaboration & Communication The Creative Arts – Creativity and Confidence Visual Performing Technological Culinary 20