Middle School: Outcomes The whole life of the adolescent should be organized in such a way that will allow him or her, when the time comes, to make a triumphal entry into the life of society, not entering it debilitated, isolated or humiliated, but with head high, sure of himself or herself. Success in life depends on self-confidence born of a true knowledge of one’s capacities. Maria Montessori Emotional Development Has a sense of mission Connecting a personal vocation with the larger human purpose Feelings of self-sufficiency Experiences inner harmony based on work and achievement Optimistic about the future Feeling that human life has value Feeling of belonging to the global community and the earth Is self-disciplined Feels in control of and comfortable with change Believes that people can solve problems and overcome adversity Social Development Learning to live and problem solve in a cohesive community Learning what it means to make a meaningful contribution Understanding interdependency and the need to cooperate Understanding the benefits of taking an active role in society Beginning to form a social consciousness Understanding work as a product of commerce and necessary to community life Balancing individual initiatives in relation to community goals Learning the meaning and context of rules and their importance to social harmony Character Development Respect for others and their roles in the community Believes that work is noble and assumes mature responsibilities Grappling with social and ethical problems of a global nature Has initiative, motivation and a commitment to freely chosen work Finds satisfaction through personal accomplishments that contribute to the greater good Development of a service mentality toward the needs of the larger society Maturation of conscience based on community values and responsible dialogue Cognitive Development Ability to express creativity in a variety of modalities Intellectual consideration of questions of nature and cosmos Analysis of scientific causality Increased understanding of mathematics connected to practical applications and scientific observation Increased facility in languages, both written and spoken Ability to connect the history of civilizations with principles of personal and social evolution A view of the whole of history and humanity’s future destiny Understanding the nature of interdisciplinary studies 21