III. Lessons & Materials Toddler Lessons Large Motor Skills Stair Slide Climbing structure Eye-Hand Coordination Exercises Opening and Closing Exercises Small Motor Skills Sewing Gluing Scissors Folding Spooning Language Nomenclature objects Nomenclature cards Books Music and Movement Singing Musical instruments - percussion Movement games Walking heel to toe Using the balance board Art Paper tearing Scribbling Easel (chalk and paint) Clay Watercolor painting Practical Life — care of self and the environment Dressing/undressing Handwashing Wiping the nose Cleaning shoes, polishing shoes Toilet training Dressing frames (Velcro, zipper, large buttons, snaps) Wiping a table, washing a table Washing a chair Dusting Sweeping, mopping Cleaning glass, polishing a mirror, polishing wood Dusting plants, washing plants, watering plants, Flower arranging Washing cloths 30