Planting and gardening Caring for pets Grace and Courtesy- Movements and manners Carrying a chair Sitting on a chair Carrying a table Use of a rug to create a work space Polite language and greetings Food Preparation Setting the table, serving food, cleaning up Washing dishes, drying dishes Bread making Water preparation (plain or lemon) Cutting fruits and vegetables Development of Senses Visual Olfactory Gustatory Auditory Stereognostic (touch and dimension) Social/Emotional Development Separates from caregiver Shows trust in adults and environment Displays impulse control Accepts limits Expresses emotions appropriately (including frustration and anger) Relates to others - works alone/parallel with others/cooperatively Tests the various results of saying “no” Transition Indications: Readiness for the Children’s House Classroom Child demonstrates concentrated cycles of activity Child develops maturing spoken language — ability to hold conversations Child is drawn to repetition of work Child is mastering toileting and self-care Child is becoming socially aware Child separates from caregiver Child can ask for help 31