Toddler Materials Furniture Storage for outerwear Outdoor shoe storage Slipper Storage Toddler-size tables Toddler-size chairs Stools Shelves Cots Work rugs and mats Toileting area - “Beautiful Bathroom” Practical Life Toileting Undressing, dressing Handwashing in the bathroom Handwashing exercise Wiping nose Dressing frames (zipper, large button, velcro, snaps) Washing a table Sweeping with a broom Sweeping with a dustpan and brush Washing a window / mirror Flower arranging Germinating seeds Caring for garden Grace & Courtesy Carrying a chair Sitting on a chair Carrying a table Food Setting the table Serving food Pouring a beverage Cleaning up Refining of Hand Movements Gluing Cutting with scissors Eye-Hand Coordination Infilare-threading an object onto a rod, dowel, or string, including: Peg box Vertical dowel (cubes) Horizontal dowel (discs) Pegs with rings Bead stringing Imbucare-fitting an object through an opening, including: Mail box Slotted box with chips Pegs and pegboards; various sizes Sorting Basket of containers Puzzles Opening and closing Stereognostic (tactile) exercises Transferring exercises Washing dishes Drying dishes Cutting fruits and vegetables Carrying a step stool Use of a work rug or mat 32