Music & Movement Singing Dancing Musical instruments Art Drawing / writing with various media Working at the easel with various media Language Nomenclature objects Objects with matching cards Nomenclature cards Realistic books Play dough Painting with watercolors Movement games Aid to climbing Ball Tracker Children’s House Traditions Grace and Courtesy Grace and Courtesy happens naturally throughout the day and is taught by the modeling adult. These lessons are very focused upon and intentional at the beginning of a child’s Montessori journey and are revisited as needed while children’s needs change and develop. Some examples of Grace and Courtesy lessons that are important include how to: • • • • • • • Shake hands and make eye contact upon arrival and departure Interrupt Get someone’s attention Talk in a group Help someone (do they need or want help?) Ask for help Say “No thank you” Communication is one of the largest lessons to model in Grace and Courtesy because it contains so many fundamentals. Mountaintop’s curriculum depends upon the following fundamentals to teach children how to communicate: • • • • • • • • • • Be consistent without being illogical or rigid Be objective not personal Be positive Give reason rather than flat authority Give a solution rather than prohibitions Be specific Match objects and actions to your words Give awareness of consequences Recognize the validity of emotions when limiting destructive actions Use a simple and courteous manner with children and other adults 33