Children’s House Materials Practical Life Dusting Table washing Sweeping Opening and Closing Tools, locks & keys etc. Folding Spooning Pouring Polishing Arranging Flowers Setting a Table Cloth Washing Dish washing Food preparation Music/Art/Culture Painting Gluing Cutting Clay Sandpaper globe Painted globe Land and water forms Puzzle maps Geography cards/definitions Language Vocabulary cards Story paper I spy Sandpaper letters Moveable alphabet Metal insets Sand tray Writing with chalk Writing on paper Object boxes Phonetic cards Phonogram SPL Phonogram booklets, cards Puzzle word cards Reading classification Farm/function of words Grammar work Reading analysis Reading (reality books) Word study Punctuation Alphabetizing (with sandpaper letters or create a work to alphabetize) Flags Geography folders/boxes Clock work Land/air/water Botany cabinet Biology cards/definitions (botany & zoology) Living/non-living Plant/animal Vertebrates/invertebrates Care of plants Washing hands Dressing Frames Polishing Shoes Braiding Carrying a chair/table Rolling a rug Walking on the line Silence Sewing/weaving Sponge squeezing Napkin rolling Window washing 40