Mathematics Number rods Sandpaper numbers Spindle boxes Memory game of numbers Cards and counters Golden beads Stamp game Dot game Word problems Teen beads & boards Ten beads & boards Chains Positive snake game Strip boards Multiplication with beads Multiplication board Unit division board Memorization charts Bead frames Racks and tubes Fractions Negative snake game Sensorial Cylinder blocks Pink Tower Brown Stair Red rods Knobless cylinders Color tablets Geometry cabinet Sound boxes Bells Tactile exercises Tasting exercises Smelling exercises Geometric solids Sorting exercise Constructive triangles Binomial cube Trinomial cube Superimposed geometric Decanomial can send to LE for this lesson if not in CH Thermic bottles Thermic tablets Baric tablets Free Choice Shelf (removed by 6 weeks after start of school year) bead stringing challenging puzzles object to picture matching pegs/pegboard 41