Elementary Traditions Elementary Great Lessons Great Lessons open the door to cosmic education in the elementary. These lessons, presented as stories, spark the child’s imagination and spur the student on to academic pursuits. The Great Lessons create a vision of the totality of the universe and human accomplishment, thus providing a framework for the Montessori integration of all learning. The five Great Lessons are: The Creation of the Universe A story, enriched with charts and science demonstrations, that reveals how the universe and our world came to exist, the natural order within and amongst the elements, and the divine mystery at the heart of everything. The Coming of Life A story, supplemented with an illustrative timeline, that explains the manner in which life appeared on earth and the evolution of species, culminating in the appearance of humans. The Story of Human Beings A story, including two timelines, that chronicles the appearance of humans on earth, highlights their special gifts, and shows the amazing discoveries that have set them apart from all other living creatures. Communication in Signs A story, supplemented with alphabetic illustrations, that tells the tale of how humans learned to communicate through spoken and written language, emphasizing the magnitude of written communication throughout history. 42