choices with meaningful consequences exercises the will. The going out process gives the child a real life opportunity to make consequential’ decisions and realize the natural outcomes of those actions. Going out also provides new opportunities for intellectual stimulation, giving the students an authentic experience. Viewing nature, learning about a craft and visiting a museum or lab are a few clear examples of meaningful going out experiences that can relate to classroom exploration. Finally, going out helps prepare the child to live in society. Through going out the child begins to experience reality beyond the classroom. The child learns to travel safely, move appropriately and speak politely in a variety of settings, as well as more practical issues such as how to question an adult or wait in line. Going Out Skill Set • • • • • • • Relate trip to academic work Research a variety of going out options Present going out plan to guide or student support specialist Telephone/internet contact with destination Complete parental permission forms and notify office Arrange drivers and chaperones for trip Conduct follow-up work — report or presentation Junior Great Books The Great Books Program is designed to bring literature to children in a format that encourages creative thinking through seminar discussions, in which ideas are explored in depth. Trained facilitators work with the third through sixth year students in this combined literature, writing, art and discussion process. Parents can learn about Junior Great Books at their website Writing The Montessori curriculum includes writing at every level, including small motor development and language preparation in the Toddler level. The writing program emphasizes the importance of writing as a human accomplishment and how the ability to communicate across time and space has allowed civilization to flourish. The writing program includes: • • • • • • Mechanics — cursive, print, calligraphy History of writing Five-step process (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, publishing) Creative expression Expository expression Cyclical curriculum from Kindergarten through Middle School 44