Simple Sentence Analysis material) Mathematics Wooden Hierarchical Material Large Bead Frame Bead Bar Box Box of gray & white number cards Golden Bead Material Checker Board Bank Game Cards Flat Bead Frame Racks and Tubes Stamp Game Bead Chains Peg Board and Hierarchical pegs Numerical Decanomial envelopes Fraction Insets Box of fraction pieces Divided Skittles Decimal cubes (tenths-millionths) Decimal cards Geometry Divided inset material Constructive Triangles Box of Sticks Plane Plumb bob Montessori protractor Protractors Compass Rulers Geometry Cabinet Folder of prepared circles Great Story of the Alphabet charts Decimal Board Decimal Checker Board Felt Squares Centesimal Frame Guide Squares Binomial cube Trinomial cube Wooden cubing material Hierarchical trinomial cube Snake Game for signed numbers Powers of 2 cube Number Base Board Word Problems Ruler/Yardsticks Capacity containers Scales (spring scale, balance scale) Money Square Root Board Geometry Nomenclature Geometry Command Cards Iron Material Yellow Area Material Paper Circle Area Material Geometric Solids Divided Blue Prisms Yellow Prisms for Volume Box of 2cm white cubes Hollow shapes for volume Middle School Traditions Goal Setting and Conferences At the middle school level, students work with their parents and team of guides each fall to establish goals on which they will focus for the duration of the year. Students lead two annual conferences with their guides in which they present their work to their parents and goals are revisited and discussed as a group. During this conference, parents, students, and guides evaluate the student’s work progress, as well as the development of his social, organizational, decision-making, and time management skills. Cycles of Work 52