Additionally, frequent opportunities are sought for students to use creative expression as a mode of communication for their academic work as well. Internships For one week each year, students experience the rewards and challenges of potential future careers by completing an internship at a local organization or business. Through this experience, they build important relationships with adult mentors and learn about the expectations and demands of adult life. Travel/Service Learning Student leaders plan a week-long class trip every year, which traditionally takes place in the spring. Trips alternate on an annual basis between community service experiences and enrichment activities that follow class interests. Expenses of the trip are covered by profits raised by student-run businesses. Middle School Lessons Language Arts Students will: Materials & Resources The Writing Process -Learn strategies for brainstorming/pre-writing -Carry multiple pieces of writing through the following stages of the writing process: -Drafting (crafting pieces of increasing length, complexity, & sophistication) -Responding (giving critical and significant feedback to others) -Revising (accepting and incorporating critical feedback from others) -Editing work of self and others (proper use of editor’s marks) -Publishing Individual Writing Portfolios Materials for the publication of polished work, such as report covers, blank books, etc. Overhead projector and related supplies for the sharing of work Response forms for evaluating peers’ work Visuals & handouts outlining the writing process 6 (+ 1) Traits of Effective Writing -Apply to their work the 7 traits of effective writing, which are: -Ideas -Organization -Voice -Word choice -Sentence Fluency -Conventions -Presentation -Evaluate the work of others using the rubric of the above listed traits “6 Traits” Materials from Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory Research Skills -Map & plan future pieces of writing -Research from multiple sources, including the internet -Organize & synthesize information -Create original work from source material -Cite properly Online class subscription to NoodleTools Software X-mind software 54