Algebra - Understand and implement the language of Algebra -Commutative property -Operations w/ integers -Exponents -Order of operations -Associative property -Distributive property -The symbols of Algebra -Translate information into Algebraic expressions -Evaluate expressions for a given value of x -Use variables -Simplify expressions -Use formulas - Manipulate & solve single variable equations & inequalities -Solve equations & inequalities in one variable -Identify and create equivalent equations & inequalities - Graph on a co-ordinate plane -Navigate the Cartesian coordinate plane -Graph functions using multiple strategies -Understand and compare slope -Recognize the equation of a graphed line - Solve systems of equations & inequalities -Graph Inequalities -Solve systems of equations/inequalities using multiple methods/strategies -Compare the equations of parallel and perpendicular lines - Manipulate polynomials -Understand the definition & concept of monomials -Perform operations on monomials -Factor monomials -Understand the definition & concept of polynomials -Evaluate and simplify expressions with negative & zero exponents -Apply the properties of exponents to mathematical solutions -Perform operations on polynomials -Factor polynomials - Solve quadratic equations -Solve quadratics using multiple methods & strategies, including graphing, factoring & completing the square - Implement the quadratic formula to solve quadratic equations - Manipulate rational expressions & equations -Define & identify rational algebraic expressions -Simplify rational expressions & recognize equivalent expressions -Perform operations on rational expressions -Use ratio and proportion in Algebra -Solve complex rational equations Geometry Some students, with advanced ability and heightened mathematical interest, will: - Identify & define geometric objects -Understand paths & points -Visualize angles -Define parallel lines - Enact motions on geometric objects 56