Middle School Materials Community Life/Practical Life Notebook for community meeting Mailboxes for guides and students Hanging chore calendar Large, highly visible homework chart Garden to Table Cookbooks Cloth napkins Placemats Utensils Ceramic Plates & Bowls Music Glasses & Mugs Labeled organizer for personal napkins Assortment of books for blessing/giving thanks for meals -A Grateful Heart Large, highly visible weekly schedule Mentorship binders Quality, durable cleaning tools Biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products Assortment of authentic West African Drums (Djembes & Djuns) Assortment of World Percussion Instruments: -shakers -bells -bailaphone Assortment of authentic, quality instruments: -keyboard (preferably full) w/ headphones -guitar Art Assortment of art/art history reference books (aimed at an adult level) Pieces of authentic art for display -not posters History Timeline of Human History from Lake Country Institute Current, accurate globes and maps Assortment of reference books for study of history & cultures: -What Life was Like series -Atlases -High School Textbooks -A History of US Series -Encyclopedias -Eyewitness Series Examples of student-made art on display 61