Science & Permaculture Textbooks for Reference Science Explorer Series Science Matters How Stuff Works Series Assortment of high school texts: Biology Earth Science Chemistry Physics Permaculture Library Beekeeping Greenhouse gardening Organic methods Permaculture design Aquaculture Tools & Equipment necessary for the practice of permaculture: -beehives, tools, protective clothing -water barrels -vermiculture bin -aquaculture testing kit -durable, quality, adult-sized garden tools Language Assortment of classic, challenging, books from the following genres: Poetry Collections/Anthologies Norton Anthology World Poetry Drama: Full & One Act Plays The Crucible The Glass Menagerie Raisin in the Sun Romeo & Juliet Short Stories Major Writers of Short Fiction Great American Short Stories Biography/Autobiography/ Memoir Ghandi The Autobiography of Malcolm X Anne Frank The Diving Bell & the Butterfly Novels To Kill a Mockingbird Lord of the Flies 1984 Non-Fiction Hiroshima Avoid anthologies and books specifically aimed at a teen/preteen audience. Aim for books that discuss universal human themes and emotions. Writing Process Poster Editor’s Marks Poster 6 Traits Posters Student writing portfolios from previous years Creative prompts/ideas Partner response sheets based on 6 Traits qualities of effective writing Hanging files for current portfolios 6 traits binder & materials Books for guidance/ideas/reference: -Write Source 2000 -Dictionaries -Thesauri -The Writer’s Idea Book 62