Toddler Outcomes At the end of the Toddler cycle, students will be able to (WBATs): Practical Life Benchmark Care of Self - Can take coat on and off and hang it up - Can change shoes to slippers and slippers to shoes - Can put on and off pants with elastic waistband - Can get arms in and out of a pullover shirt - Can use the potty and wash hands on own - Recognizes the need and wipes nose and face themselves Language Benchmark - Has a receptive vocabulary of 1500 words - Has an expressive vocabulary of 800 words Fine Motor Benchmark - Has pincer grip with three fingers - Has a pencil grip - Can use scissors Gross Motor Benchmark - Can run - Can jump on two feet - Can walk backwards - Can navigate around mats and work on floor successfully - Can sit with ankles crossed and hands in lap with no stimulation for three minutes - Can navigate stairs with no assistance - Can carry a tray with something on it from a shelf to a table - Uses a spoon, fork, glass and plate appropriately - Expresses needs and wants in an audible way Care of Environment - Consistently puts materials away - Demonstrates a desire to take care of the environment: notices if something is out of order - Recognizes a spill and gets cloth to clean it without prompting from adult 67