Children’s House Outcomes At the end of the Children’s House cycle, students will be able to (WBATs): Grace and Courtesy Benchmark - Choose work independently - Sustain concentration - Complete the 3-step work cycle (choose, do, put away) - Articulate and adhere to classroom rules (respect for work, people, materials, environment) - Participate calmly in whole group activities - Transition from one activity to another - Exhibits control over body & voice - Move with self-control - Consistently use conventional manners - Respond when addressed Practical Life Benchmark - Wash hands and face (independently in bathroom) - Brush teeth - Dress and undress - Tie shoes - Hang clothes (on a hanger) - Button and snap - Wash a table following lesson sequence - Sweep the floor and use a dustpan - Clean a spill - Pour beans - Pour liquid - Set a table Sensorial Benchmark and Language Extensions - Identify big and small - Identify long and short - Identify thick and thin - Identify colors - Identify gradations of color - Discriminate heavy and light (weight) - Discriminate rough and smooth - Discriminate loud and soft Language Benchmark - Speak clearly in full sentences - Follow oral instructions - Comprehend oral stories, songs, games - Identify letters of the alphabet by sound/name - Build phonetic words with the moveable alphabet - Make rhymes and identify rhyming words - Read phonetic words - Identify key phonograms (ie, th, sh, ch, ai, ay, ee, oa, er) - Recognize key puzzle (sight) words (the, of, is, and, you, that, it, to, in) - Hold chalk with the proper grip - Hold a pencil with the proper grip - Create a beautiful metal inset drawing - Form the lowercase script letters - Write on the baseline - Write full name in script (D’Nealian) - Write three letter words with connections - Write a sentence - Use endmarks (. ! ?) - Discriminate hot and cold - Sort objects by color, shape, size - Build the Binomial Cube - Build the Trinomial Cube - Match the bells by pitch (diatonic scale) - Identify the geometric solids (sphere, cone, cube, pyramid) - Identify plane figures (circle, rectangle, square, triangle, ellipse, oval) - Food preparation: slice, peel, chop, mix, grate - Dust - Fold - Sew - Arrange flowers - Care for plants - Use scissors - Use paint - Use glue - Hold a paintbrush with the proper technique - Decorate and embellish work - Say please and thank you - Shake hands and look in the eye - Offer help and accept help - Notice fair and unfair - Express feelings - Use good table manners - Carry on a conversation - Listen - Wait - Make choices 69