Lower Elementary Outcomes At the end of the Lower Elementary cycle, students will be able to (WBATs): Grace and Courtesy Benchmark - Choose work independently - Sustain concentration - Complete the 3-step work cycle (choose, do, put away) - Articulate and adhere to classroom rules (respect for work, people, materials, environment) - Participate calmly in whole group activities - Transition from one activity to another - Stay silent and still - Move with self-control - Consistently use conventional manners - Respond when addressed - Say please and thank you - Introduce oneself and others Practical Life Benchmark - Plan a going out trip - Demonstrate responsibility and competence with classroom jobs - Mentor younger classmates socially, academically and with practical tasks Language Benchmark - Read fluently and with comprehension - Read aloud comfortably - Engage in seminar discussion in the context of Junior Great Books - Identify fiction and nonfiction - Use dictionary - Use encyclopedia - Identify synonyms and antonyms - Identify compound words - Identify prefixes and suffixes - Put words into alphabetical order Mathematics Benchmark - Know addition facts - Know subtraction facts - Know multiplication facts - Understand concept of fact families - Perform dynamic addition on paper - Name place value to thousands and read complex numbers to thousands - Perform dynamic multiplication with materials - Perform long division with materials - Identify fractions as a whole broken into equal parts - Perform dynamic subtraction on paper Geometry Benchmark - Identify congruent shapes - Identify similar shapes - Identify equivalent shapes - Identify line, ray, segment - Know the parts of an angle - Recognize obtuse, acute, right angles - Identify polygons by # of sides 74 - Shake hands and look in the eye - Offer sustenance or guidance to a guest - Offer help and accept help - Notice fair and unfair - Express feelings - Express wants and needs to adults - Use good table manners - Carry on a conversation - Listen - Wait - Make choices - Carry out conflict resolution - Keep a work journal - Participate in a work conference with a guide - Care for classroom plants and animals - Write legibly in cursive and print - Write a complete sentence - Write a five sentence paragraph - Write a fictional story - Collaborate on a report/research project and present in public - Write a letter - Identify the parts of speech with materials - Capitalize the beginning of sentences and proper nouns - Use endmarks properly and consistently - Identify subject, predicate, direct object with materials - Add and subtract fractions with common denominators with materials - Skip count by 2, 5, 10 - Know the commutative and distributive laws - Greater than, less than - Identify meaning of numerator and denominator - Understand the terms sum, difference, product - Verbalize the process of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division - Identify currency - Can measure in inches, feet, centimeters and meters - Measure length - Measure weight - Identify geometric solids - Read a bar graph - Use a protractor to measure angles - Know how to calculate perimeter - Know how to calculate area of a rectangle