Middle School Outcomes At the end of the Middle School cycle, students will be able to (WBATs): Language Benchmark Create original work in the following genres: - short story: fiction - short story: non-fiction - persuasive essay - literary response essay - personal letter - business letter/cover letter - resume - inherited form poetry - open form poetry - public address - biography/autobiography - extended research paper Mathematics Benchmark - Implement multiple problem solving strategies for a given problem - Translate problems into algebraic expressions and vice-versa - Correctly apply the order of operations to evaluate complex expressions - Use variables - Simplify expressions - Use formulas - Solve & graph equations, inequalities, and systems of equations & inequalities Science Benchmark - Propose, design, and conduct a scientific experiment - Create effective visual representations of data - Describe the basic organization of the periodic table - Identify subatomic particles - Understand the way in which elements combine to form compounds - Differentiate between a physical and chemical change - Test a substance for pH - Identify properties of acidic & basic substances - Identify forms of energy, and demonstrate examples of its transferral and transformation - Diagram and label the basic structure and organelles of a plant and animal cell - Explain the logic behind our current system of classification - Understand the interdependence of photosynthesis and respiration - Understand the basic mechanisms of inheritance - Give examples of the change in a population over time - Explain the way in which matter and energy cycle through an ecosystem - Give examples of biotic and abiotic factors - Describe the interdependence of organisms in an ecosystem - Identify examples of mechanical and electromagnetic waves - Explain the relationship between electricity and magnetism - Identify the major threats to the health of our natural environment and their contributing factors - Articulate one’s personal level of environmental commitment - Communicate the basic ethics and tenants of permaculture design - Apply creative and sustainable design strategies to living systems - Extrapolate equations & inequalities from their graph - Recognize and create equivalent expressions - Correctly use a Cartesian coordinate plane - Perform operations, including factoring, on monomials and polynomials - Identify, solve, and graph quadratic equations - Define and calculate the 3 measures of center on a data set - Identify, read, and create bar graphs, dot plots, and box & whisker plots - Read, create, and perform simple operations on matrices Fluently implement the 5 step Writing Process Create finished pieces of writing with the following characteristics: - consists of interesting, original ideas which stem from the author’s knowledge and/or experience - possesses logical organization & structure - has original, identifiable voice - utilizes precise, interesting diction - contains flowing, readable sentences with varied structures & complexities - demonstrates a grasp of standard writing conventions 85