At the end of the Middle School cycle, students will be able to (WBATs): History Benchmark - Interpret complex visual representations of time/history - Understand the sequence of the creation of earth and the appearance of humans - Discuss the progression and decline of at least one civilization from history - Identify the pathways by which humans populated the earth - Analyze the causes and implications of major migrations - Define “hero” and describe the heroic achievements of several figures from history - Explain key developments that have advanced humanity’s progress towards peace & equality - Describe the way in which key inventions have altered the path of history - Identify one’s personal ancestry - Conduct an interview/document an oral history Health and Wellness Benchmark - Identify one’s own principal strengths and weaknesses - Modify one’s own environment and practices to optimize outcomes - Explain the most current recommendations for balanced nutrition and level of exercise - Independently follow practices of basic hygiene - Articulate a decision making process to apply to issues related to drug & alcohol use, sexuality, etc. - Identify the internal and external male and female reproductive organs - Understand the basic physical & emotional changes expected during puberty - Articulate the potential consequences of sexual activity, and that only abstinence provides 100% protection from them - Identify those methods of contraception that provide protection against BOTH STDs AND pregnancy - Consider strategies for communication regarding personal choices & boundaries - Identify community resources that provide crucial assistance to teenagers - Participate effectively in a peer mediation - Name the parts of a map - Describe the different types of maps, their appearance and purpose - Identify major landforms - Understand the way that geography influenced at least one key culture - Discuss the implications of increased specialization over time - Analyze the cultural impact of specific trade relationships - Identify and describe at least one key historical shift in modes of production or exchange - Implement the basic vocabulary of introductory concepts of economics - Identify reliable sources of current news and analysis - Discuss the implications and controversies of contemporary events - Participate in a debate with composure and civility 86