V. Spanish Co-curricular Disciplines at Mountaintop The children work with a Spanish Specialist from the Children’s House level through Middle School. In the early years, conversation and an appreciation for the culture are emphasized. As the children advance, the program becomes more academic and culminates in completion of either Spanish I or II in Middle School. The Spanish curriculum is tailored to each developmental level and to take advantage of the young child’s ability to absorb language. Visual Art Art lessons and opportunities for creative expression abound in the Toddler and Children’s House classrooms. The children are free to choose art during their work time and the Guides are trained to share a variety of media. In Children’s House, Elementary and Middle School, the students work with artists and art instructors in our fully equipped studios, as well as incorporating artistic expression into their daily work in the classroom. Physical Education Students at Mountaintop have ample opportunity for physical movement, physical work and spontaneous and organized sports activities. The Montessori approach emphasizes lifelong skills, fitness and nutrition and makes physical fitness accessible to all children. Cooperation and team effort are highlighted rather than competition and winning. Children learn to celebrate their own, as well as, other’s accomplishments and efforts. Lower Elementary through Middle School students work with a Physical Education Specialist weekly in order to build their understanding of conventional sports, develop fitness goals and learn to appreciate their physical capabilities. Music, Dance and Drama Orff-Schulwerk incorporates music, drama and dance. It utilizes conventional and percussion instruments that lend themselves to ensemble work and improvisation. Orff is characterized by a unity of music, movement and drama; a respect for students at all ability levels; elemental instruments; the use of improvisation and composition; and the encouragement of creative thinking. The program includes: weekly extended music sessions with the specialist, monthly assemblies and community performances. The Montessori curriculum also includes a richness of musical experiences at every level. Singing, movement, rhythm, history, styles and composers are all incorporated into the daily work cycle. Children also learn fundamentals of composition and reading music utilizing the Montessori bells and tone bars. Garden to Table Program & Ecology Each elementary class plans, prepares, serves and cleans-up its own nutritious lunch one day per week. Lunch is served on real dishes and beautiful lunch standards are implemented. Middle School students 91