Movement and Physical Education Children’s House Skills Locomotor Non-locomotor Object Control Sportsmanship Body Awareness Body Control Spatial Awareness Equipment Safety Following Directions Grace and Courtesy Respect for Equipment Respect for Peers Respect for Rules Taking Turns Waiting for a Turn Lower Elementary Skills Locomotor Ball Skills Adv. Object Control Team Sports Sportsmanship Social Skills in Games Winning and Losing Cooperation in Group Body Awareness Body Control Social Grace and Courtesy Safety and Rules Control of Emotions Respect for Referees Conflict Resolution Upper Elementary Skills Team Sports Sportsmanship Team Play Winning and Losing Advanced Competition Nutrition and Fitness Physical Changes Middle School Skills Team Sports Recreational Sports Physical Wellness Emotional Wellness Sexual Wellness Social Wellness Nutrition and Fitness Maturity and Adulthood Music Dance Drama Children’s House Vocal Singing Matching Pitch Group Singing Instrumental Small Percussion Keeping a beat Movement Locomotor Movements Body Awareness Form a Circle/Dance Dance in Self Space Dance in General Space Physical Contact Lower Elementary Vocal Singing in Unison Canon Instrumental Orff Instrumentarium Advanced Percussion Movement Labeling/Performing Movements Early Choreography Body Relationships Mirroring Shadowing Alone/Connected Upper Elementary Vocal Singing in Unison Canon Part Singing Instrumental Orff Instrumentarium Recorders Composition Movement Labeling/Performing Construct Choreography Contact Improvisations Drama Ensemble Performance Narration Middle School Vocal Singing in Unison Changing Voices Instrumental Orff Instrumentarium Advanced Techniques Analyze Scores Composition Movement Set Dances Complex Choreography Drama Speaking in Public Narration Puppetry Ensemble Performance Reader’s Theatre 94