Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Mountaintop Montessori provides the greater Charlottesville community with an exceptional and authentic Montessori education, serving children and families from infancy through adolescence. Our campus is home to year-round programming in which children thrive through experiential learning, interactions with the natural world, and collaborative discovery.

At Mountaintop, we envision…

Children who live with enduring curiosity, joy, and responsibility. A community where each member is cherished and challenged. A world enriched by these young leaders, creators, problem-solvers, and peace-makers.

Our Shared Values

We recognize the world as a place of wonder. We trust in the inherent potential of each person. We are guided by the peace, order and logic of simplicity. We are intentional in our words and actions. We commit to living as stewards of the earth. We connect and communicate with empathy and compassion. We are mindful of our responsibilities as global citizens. We believe that embracing risk and failure yields creativity and innovation. We ground all decisions, interactions, policies and programs in the Montessori philosophy.

Strategic Goals: 2017-2021

Through sound Board of Trustees governance and strong school leadership, Mountaintop will actively engage in securing its long-term future by pursuing the following goals by 2021:


  • Enhance the Montessori experience for Mountaintop children and families
  • Strengthen the vibrant community that makes Mountaintop unique
  • Improve enrollment stability at key transition points
  • Grow the school’s financial resources
  • Nurture connections between Mountaintop and the broader community

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Mountaintop is accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools and the American Montessori Society. Experienced VAIS and AMS educators review our programs and practices regularly to ensure that they meet these organizations' standards. These organizations provide our faculty and administration with invaluable resources, connecting us to current research and professional development opportunities. We have been accredited by the American Montessori Society since 2006 and by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools since 2008.

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