Our Campus


Campus: Our campus is a 9-acre classroom. Students' work includes gardening and maintaining our cooperative sanctuary with Audubon International and our certified wildlife habitat with the National Wildlife Federation. Our involvement with these programs grew out of a tradition of birdwatching among longtime faculty members here and their observation that studying the birds found on campus provided a wonderful way for students to learn about the adaptations that allow all living things to meet their needs in their environments.

Greenhouse: The 850 square foot geodesic Growing Dome has beds for growing produce as well as a 2300 gallon aquaculture tank.

Garden: Our expansive Big Garden is home to a wide variety of fruits and veggies for students to tend, harvest and enjoy. The adjacent chicken coop provides eggs, a place to recycle kitchen scraps, and just plain fun.

Places to Play: Mountaintop's natural play spaces, soccer field, basketball court, gym and playgrounds provide students with lots of options for finding fun with new friends during breaks from the garden and kitchen.