Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Summer programs for students age 3 - rising Kindergarten: 

Sprout: June 11 - August 10

See the vivid colors of produce ripening in the garden. Discover new tastes and fragrances while picking and preparing fresh veggies. Listen carefully for the sounds of the birds and insects. Discover the joy of dirty hands and getting to know animals. We keep it simple and make big discoveries in the wide world. Campers will explore topics in zoology, botany, art, and geography. Staff members offer the gentle guidance that comes from years of experience being with children in the outdoors. Sprout is offered primarily in 2-week sessions. No camp July 4.

Summer programs for students in rising 1 - 6 grades: 

SEED: June 11 - August 10 [1-week sessions]

Campers spend their days gardening, cooking fresh food, and getting up close and personal with local soil, streams, fields, and forests. With crafts, outdoor games, and weekly field tripts to nearby natural areas and watering holes, every day offers a new adventure!  Learn about chicken care, how to investigate signs left by garden critters, the different properties of plants, and where to find the best wading spots! No camp July 4.

Summer Smash!: June 18 - 29 [1-week sessions]

Three camps get Smashed together into one! Campers will choose their flow between music, fiber arts, and culinary arts for a personalized daily adventure. Become a chef and make delicious new recipes. Dye your own yarn and learn how to felt a colorful piece of artwork to wear or to brighten up your bedroom! Move and groove to fun sounds in an interactive music lesson while exploring the best-loved compositions of all time. This is the perfect camp for trying lots of new skills at once!

Art Exploration: July 2 - 13 [2-week session]

This camp is for the creative thinkers, the painters, the builders, the lovers of all things art! Experiment in new mediums not offered during the school year. Try your hand at ceramics by molding and glazing your very own plate before it gets fired in our kiln. Enjoy some sunshine while sitting in the grass and weaving a basket. Enjoy a diverse spread of fine arts crafting, including soap making, jewelry making, origami, and fiber arts. On the last day of this session, each camper will have a box-full of beautiful pieces to take home and treasure. No camp July 4.

Modern Art in Paris: July 16 - 20 

Picasso once said, "Everything you can imagine is real," and at this camp we believe it! Work with paints, pastels, and colored paper in our studio to create art from your wildest imaginings. Learn how to incorporate your fascinating dreams into your art. Take a historical stroll through the city of Paris and experiment with techniques of master artists like Matisse and Chagall. Each camper will get to choose a special project to create based on their favorite technique.

Abstract Expressionism : July 23 - 27

Dive into the bright and beautiful world of abstract art! Experiment with action painting and learn about how your emotions are influenced by different colors, lines, and shapes. Learn about master artists and then try out their techniques, including splashing and drizzling paint onto a canvas like Jackson Pollock, blurring glocks of colors like Mark Rothko, and capturing sound in art like Wassily Kandinsky. Create beautiful homemade paper to frame or use in future art projects. Sit outside in the sunshine while enjoying a lesson on water coloring. This camp is the perfect combination of refining favorite skills and learning new ones.