Corporate Donation Programs

Many corporations give to nonprofits based on their customers' purchases and expressed relationships with schools and community groups. You can support Mountaintop when you buy everything from groceries to electronics to plane tickets. We participate in the following programs:

Frequent Shopper Programs at Local Grocery Stores

Have your keychain in hand and follow these links. While you are saving money through your electronic coupons you’ll also be raising money for Mountaintop. Taking a few minutes to do this now ensures that we get donations from these stores for the rest of this school year. We'll remind you to sign up again next fall when the programs start over.

For Small Hands

For Small Hands is a company that offers high quality items for families with young children. The company is owned by Montessori Services, a purveyor of classroom materials that we use. For each tiny pitcher, mini-broom, game or book that parents purchase for use at home, the school earns credit toward materials that the children use here. Share For Small Hands with relatives and friends who want (or need!) suggestions of birthday or holiday gifts for your children. Parents, grandparents and other supporters should use school code #114957 when shopping on

Middle School Businesses

Montessori middle schools operate as a micro-economy in which students learn financial independence, earning money for class trips and social events through business proceeds and gaining plenty of real-world skills and confidence in the process. They appreciate your patronage and feedback! Pizza Fridays Friday delivery of pizza lunches to students in our Children's House, elementary and middle school classrooms begins in mid-September each year. Popular varieties of pizza from local vendor Pizza Bella are offered with drinks and sides.

Maria's One-Stop-Shop

Homemade snacks and packaged items from the healthy brands you find at other local stores are sold each day before school starts, at midday for noon dismissal families and elementary students at recess, and throughout the afternoon from dismissal time through the end of after-school.

Thanksgiving Pie Sale

What's better than homemade pie? Pies you select for your family's feast from the variety the students bake with local, seasonal ingredients. You can purchase a pie dish with your order or provide one from home.

Garden Plant Sale

Looking to supplement your garden at home or start one of your own? Order from a selection of popular garden plants for spring planting and pick them up at the potluck picnic on Grandparents and Special Friends Day in May. To purchase pizza for Mountaintop students, or to order pies, holiday paperwhites or garden plants, Mountaintop parents should watch for order form links in their email or find them in the parent area of this site.

Holiday Paperwhites

Purchase these festive blooms before Winter Break. They make great gifts.

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