During this stage of development, children are learning about their world through their senses and exploration. Our classrooms support the development of independence, confidence, and self-control and provide the foundation for academic success. While learning to function independently in the classroom environment, students also learn to coexist in a peaceful community.

At this age, children love to repeat activities that are interesting to them. They are driven to refine the skills they need to meet their needs independently. Students begin their Children's House years with a strong desire to create order that leads them to invest their time in practical life and sensorial activities. This work is satisfying in its own right but is also laying important foundations for language and math. While working with beautiful materials, students develop remarkable concentration, fine motor skills, and a rich vocabulary.

  • Open to children from 32 months to 6 years of age (Kindergarten year)
  •  Half-day (12:00 pick up) or full-day (3:30 pm pick up) programs available
  • After-school care is available until 5:30pm
  • Year-round enrollment is available


Montessori Kindergarten: Essential & Empowering


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