Focus on Family

At Mountaintop we focus on providing a first-rate Montessori education for all of our students. While we are not a daycare center, we do offer many scheduling options to provide a consistent, nurturing environment for children whose families have busy work schedules.

Year-Round Programs

We offer year-round enrollment options for Toddler, Children's House, and elementary students. Space in these programs is limited.


Care is available for students until 5:30 p.m. Families who rely on being able to use this service regularly include it in their enrollment contract for the year. Drop-in spaces in the after-school program may be available for families who only need after-school care occasionally.

After-School Enrichment Classes

We offer a wide range of after-school classes for children age 3-8th grade. Whether your child is interested in sports, Spanish, or crafting their own bow and arrow, we've got a class for them

Summer Program and Spring Break Camp

Our summer camps open the week after the academic year ends in June and operate through mid-August. Parents can anticipate having two weeks in late August when the school is closed while we prepare for the new school year. Children's House and elementary students can also attend camp during the week that school is closed for spring break.

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Care on days that School is Closed during the Academic Year

There are several days each school year when the classrooms are closed for particular purposes such as parent conferences. We offer optional care for students in our Children’s House, elementary and middle school classes on these days from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The days for which we do not offer care when school is closed include national holidays, professional development days, and a two-week winter break.

Care during Events for Adults

Parents are invited to a number of parenting education, social and fundraising events each year. To help enable parents to take advantage of these opportunities, we offer care for our students while parents attend.

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