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Co-Curricular Programs

Visual Arts Program

Our Visual Arts program offers unique instruction that values process above product. Students receive lessons in art history and on a variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, and architecture. They have ample time in the art studio to explore the medium of their choice using high quality materials. Students are encouraged to find artistic inspiration from the surrounding world.

Music, Dance, Drama Program

The Music, Dance, Drama program at Mountaintop is rooted in Orff-Schulwerk, an approach to building musicianship in every learner through the integration of music, movement, speech, and drama.

Younger children experience music in the classroom with weekly visits from the music guide. Elementary students receive group lessons and have open studio time to create and collaborate. Middle School students participate in creative expression workshops on topics that include an annual play, dance instruction, instrumental ensembles, and composition. Students present their work at three large performances during the year.

Garden to Table Program

The Garden to Table program works in conjunction with our Ecology and Permaculture programs to allow children to see the complete food cycle from seed to table. Each week, elementary and middle school students join the chef in harvesting and preparing lunch for their classmates in our professional kitchen. Children are encouraged to try new foods as they prepare a wide variety of ethnic and regional dishes.

Ecology Program

Students at Mountaintop engage in the ecology program beginning in kindergarten. The program creates opportunities for children to develop strong connections and competency within our living ecosystem. Students explore biology and botany through sensory experiences, food production, and observation. They practice environmental stewardship in our gardens, chicken coop, fruit orchard, and natural environment.

Through their ecology lessons, students learn self-sufficiency, herbalism and wildcrafting, natural health and wellness, and the investigative process. As students progress through the program, they are challenged to apply their knowledge to current environmental issues, personal passions, and community service projects.

Physical Education

Students at Mountaintop have ample opportunity for movement through both spontaneous and organized sports activities. Our approach makes physical fitness accessible to all children and emphasizes skill development, fitness, and sportsmanship. Children learn to celebrate their own achievements, as well as the accomplishments of their peers.


Students work with a Spanish Specialist from the Children’s House level through Middle School. In the early years, conversation and an appreciation for the culture are emphasized. As children advance, the curriculum becomes more academic and culminates with the completion of either high school-level Spanish I or II. Spanish instruction is tailored to each developmental level and takes advantage of the young child’s ability to absorb language.


Upper elementary and middle school students receive lessons in technology to improve their practical skills, digital citizenship, and internet safety. They also make use of technology for creative purposes such as design and video production.

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