Montessori’s Developmental Approach

Our whole curriculum is organized to serve students' developmental needs through carefully devised mixed-age classrooms. Students proceed through a detailed curriculum as a natural, enjoyable experience that satisfies his or her inner drive to learn and grow.

The 4 Planes of Human Development

Dr. Maria Montessori, trained as a physician, used her scientific background to develop an innovative approach to understanding child development. This approach divides the child’s life into four six-year stages which together span birth to age twenty-four. At Mountaintop, we serve children through the first three of these stages. Our faculty members observe each child throughout his or her development in order to understand what support is needed and to ensure appropriate guidance and challenge.

Stages we serve

1st plane

Toddler and Children’s House

ages 18 months to 6 years of age - Toddler through K

2ND plane


ages 6 to 12 - grades 1 through 6

3RD plane

Middle School

ages 12 to 15 - grades 7 through 8

Key Elements of Mountaintop Education

Montessori education supports a child’s natural development, building the capability to become productive, fulfilled adults who contribute to the world.

Montessori helps parents develop children who are morally, emotionally, and behaviorally prepared for the real world.

a teacher gives a lesson

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