The Montessori program for middle school continues to support the development of the whole child during the phase of rapid growth and intense change that occurs between ages 12 and 15. Students appreciate intellectual challenge and meaningful work through which they can consider their place in society. With opportunities for both independence and community, they grow as adaptable members of a team and begin to create a vision for their personal future.

At Mountaintop, middle school students gain self-confidence and self-knowledge that are not often found among this age group in other settings.

  • Authentic Montessori mixed age middle school program
  • Opportunities for independent work and self-expression
  • Overnight field trips and opportunities for community service
  • Participation in leadership programs on campus and internships in the larger community
  • Outstanding performance in standardized tests
  • Successful placement in a variety of local high schools, both public and private

Middle School at

  • Math
  • Language
  • History & Culture
  • Science & Permaculture
  • Spanish
  • Practical Life
  • Time Management & Personal Organization
  • Leadership & Entrepreneurship
  • Technology
  • Creative Expression

Soft Skills


Students' work at this age occurs in a mix of small-group lessons and whole-class seminars, a contract from their elementary years. The introduction of the seminar structure encourages learning through the exchange of ideas. The day is organized with blocks of time dedicated to particular subjects as students prepare for traditional high school settings.


Practical Life

The Montessori practical life curriculum culminates in this classroom where students are responsible for planning meals, coordinating internships, and planning a week-long class trip.


Leadership & Entrepreneurship

The middle school classroom is a bustling micro-economy. The cohort manages a business in which they operate a snack shop and deliver pizza on campus on Fridays. Profits are used for a class trip in the spring. All students assume leadership positions that support the business.


Language Skills

Writing permeates work in many disciplines,  ranging from analytical and persuasive writing to substantial research papers. Literature is used as examples of writing styles and structures, as well as for discussion of issues that are important to the students. Students provide feedback to each other on works-in-progress. Presentation skills are practiced regularly.




Students earn high school credit for Algebra I. They have the option of taking a Geometry course for high school credit as well.


History & Culture
In the middle school years, many students take a new interest in current events around the world and are drawn to social action. These inclinations make this period a natural time to study history and find patterns and connections to contemporary issues.


Science & Permaculture

Lessons in science incorporate biology, chemistry, environmental and physical sciences.



Students acquire essential skills in technology, including research, presentation, digital citizenship and internet safety.


Creative Expression

In a series of electives throughout the year, students continue working in the visual and performing arts. They expand their culinary skills and explore creative work in technology.

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