On an admissions tour or a parent observation appointment, you can see the children freely choosing the day’s work in the classrooms at Mountaintop. What’s harder to see are the systems at work in the classrooms to ensure students’ progress through the curriculum.

Faculty members giving lessons are the most readily observable part of that system. Their ongoing, behind-the-scenes cycle of planning, recordkeeping and assessment is just as important but more difficult to discern. Montessori education is a process that plays out within a strong, complex and flexible system. Getting to know it well takes time. So we provide a variety of means by which you can access extensive information about the content of our curriculum and the practices faculty members use to guide and document students’ growth and learning.

We share articles covering specific topics with enrolled families in print and electronically. Faculty demonstrate lessons and answer your questions at our education events for parents and educators. Sections of our curriculum documentation are published in conjunction with those events as well as at other times. And from this page you can access the most recent edition of our comprehensive curriculum document.

Comprehensive Curriculum Document

We publish an updated version every five years as a part of our cycle of reaccreditation with the Virginia Association of Independent Schools. The version that is currently available, published in March of 2018, includes the following. overviews of.

  • our faculty's best practices guidelines
  • psychology research that relate to Montessori education
  • assessment methods and criteria
  • academic and co-curricular disciplines studied
  • children's developmental needs and characteristics
  • expected outcomes for students' emotional, social, character and cognitive development
  • lessons and materials used in specific disciplines
  • baseline expectations for students in specific disciplines - what they will be able to do by the time they complete the program at a particular age level
  • additional studies available to students - what they will be exposed to by the time they complete the program at a particular age level
curriculum cover page

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