Our Mission

Mountaintop Montessori provides the greater Charlottesville community with an exceptional and authentic Montessori education, serving children and families from infancy through adolescence. Our campus is home to year-round programming in which children thrive through experiential learning, interactions with the natural world, and collaborative discovery.

At Mountaintop, we envision...

Children who live with enduring curiosity, joy, and responsibility. A community where each member is cherished and challenged. A world enriched by these young leaders, creators, problem-solvers, and peace-makers.

families gather for the opening of a middle school business

Our Shared Values

  • We recognize the world as a place of wonder
  • We trust in the inherent potential of each person
  • We are guided by the peace, order and logic of simplicity
  • We are intentional in our words and actions
  • We commit to living as stewards of the earth
  • We connect and communicate with empathy and compassion
  • We are mindful of our responsibilities as global citizens
  • We believe that embracing risk and failure yields creativity and innovation
  • We ground all decisions, interactions, policies and programs in the Montessori philosophy


Mountaintop is accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools and the American Montessori Society. Experienced VAIS and AMS educators review our programs and practices regularly to ensure that they meet these organizations' standards.

These organizations provide our faculty and administration with invaluable resources, connecting us to current research and professional development opportunities. We have been accredited by the American Montessori Society since 2006 and by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools since 2008.

Inclusivity Mission

Mountaintop Montessori’s inclusivity mission is to create a more inclusive community in all aspects of the school, grounded in respect and appreciation for individual differences and our multicultural society. We seek to provide programs and resources that enhance knowledge and encourage understanding of inclusivity.

The Children
Our school is rooted in the child-centered Montessori philosophy. As such, the principal goal of our inclusivity mission is to create an educational environment that fosters in children a deep appreciation of varied individual social identities, and honors the richness of different cultures. Ultimately, our hope is to develop compassionate children who will not perceive differences as barriers, but as strengths.

The Staff
We all hold a deep belief that diversity in its many forms is part of the human condition, and strengthens our educational mission and school community. We are committed to consciously creating a school where everyone feels welcomed, empowered, responsible and safe to be themselves. We work to create age-appropriate, diverse, anti-bias classrooms by:

  • Promoting listening, respect, empathy, responsibility and collaboration
  • Teaching with books, visuals, and materials representing many cultures and identities
  • Encouraging our students to engage in critical thinking and safe discussions regarding social justice, identity, and inclusion
  • Celebrating the traditions of a wide variety of international and national cultures
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The Mountaintop Families
Our families value the Montessori curriculum and embrace the opportunity that a diverse learning environment offers children. We expect our families to value Mountaintop’s efforts toward building an inclusive and diverse school community. We provide opportunities for community connections and celebrations, engaging in challenging dialogue around equity and diversity, and reflecting on our school practices to promote an anti-bias and inclusive school culture. We believe that forming a partnership with our student’s families is crucial for children to experience and embody social values that are integral to becoming a responsible global citizen.


Mountaintop Montessori does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, family makeup, marital status, age, socio-economic level, disability, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, national origin, ancestry, genetic information, learning style, or any other protected category.

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